Not Just Membership Software. Dental Membership Growth Solution.

Skip the roadblocks to growing your Membership Plan. Accelerate your practice growth with DMD.

What makes us different?
  • Business of Membership.
  • Employer Membership Plans.
  • Recurring Billing vs Recurring Payments.
  • Brand Strategy.
  • ​Missed Payment Management.
  • Easy Plan Add-Ons/Customizations (Warranty, Whitening/Student Plan, Senior Plan).
  • Utilization Coaches.
  • Demographic Based Marketing.
  • Risk Free.
Over half of America does not have dental insurance. Of those who do, most have come to realize that it is full of loopholes and restrictions. The future of independent dentistry will belong to those who retain their loyal patient base by offering them your practice's in-house membership program.

Your membership program needs to be as unique as your practice. Our solution is designed to create a comprehensive membership growth plan so that your practice will thrive in today’s market. It’s more than just a set-it-and-forget-it software. We are your partners in membership.
Pricing Starts At Just $199 Per Month
Employer Membership Plans
We have been in the business of membership for over 10 years. The business of membership combines brand strategy, practice coaches, demographic specific marketing, advanced marketing techniques and business tools to help you analyze, monitor and improve your membership program. 

Most practices who roll out a membership program on their own have mediocre success and only hit a fraction of their market’s potential for membership sign ups and renewal rates.
Business Membership
Completely unique to the DMD platform, we allow you to set up dedicated programs for employers, with the ability to roll all of it up the overall program level. Many employers do not offer dental insurance to their employees. 

How many small business owners do you have as patients? Why not offer them a solution that make sense for them and their employees with a dentist that they trust? 

The best part is that our solution is designed to allow for easy sign ups, custom employer portals for their employees. Need help with how to market these? Use our Business of Membership team to help you with creative marketing strategies to maximize your effort.
Recurring Billing vs Recurring Payments
Outside of DMD, the other dental membership program software companies only offer recurring payments and not true recurring billing. You might not appreciate the difference until a patient misses a payment and your AR gets thrown off for the whole month. 

As a part of our billing platform, we offer automatic statement generation, missed payment management, recurring payment processing, detailed accounting capabilities and more. You might not fully appreciate these differences now but your office manager will thank you later.
Brand Strategy
Stand out from the practice down the street. Why should a patient pick your plan when they can buy your colleague’s plan for $10 less a month? Every practice is different. 
Customizations support.
There is no one plan fits all. You can create as many plans as you’d like. Some of our members have found success with plans designed specifically for Seniors, Families, or Students. We allow for flexible billing options. 
Easy Plan Add Ons
Unique to the DMD, our platform makes it simple to create add ons to any plan. The add ons could be one -time charges, like night guards or custom whitening trays. 
Utilization Coaches.
We want you to grow! We are not a set-it-and-forget-it platform. We are here to help you set and hit your goals. The platform provides actionable reports focusing on the most critical metrics for your success. 
Demographic Based Marketing.
Who is your target demographic? Families? Seniors? Students? Millennials? We provide unique marketing materials and strategies for these demographics and more, customized for your practice. 

(Digital content is free of charge. Print materials and shipping costs are paid by the practice.)
Missed Payment Management.
Don’t be fooled by others talking about how missed payments aren’t a big deal. With over 10 million membership payments in the last 4 years, we can tell you that they are very real and something you need to deal with. 

Our goal is to remove common roadblocks for your team to keep things moving forward in your practice. One of those road blocks are missed payments. What happens when a recurring billing method is lost or a card expires or may has a fraud alert or a temporary authorization that takes up the balance of the card? We are your first line of defense. Our system proactively prevents these scenarios from occurring in the first place. Then our Smart Reattempt logic fixes over 35% of problems automatically, and for the remaining ones, our call center manages the missed payment on
your behalf. When they do occur, we reach our first on your behalf.
The dental savings plan has been great for me. A lot of older people and retired GM workers live in this area and they don
t have the greatest insurance.

Over half of the people in my practice don't have insurance at all, so my existing patients are super excited about this plan. My front desk is signing up multiple people a day, and we're also getting leads from the ads promoting it.
- Dr. Alex Gamber
Want to transfer from another software to ours?
We can help! Yes, other software companies do make it difficult but our systems take the work off of your practice and put it into our hands. Let us make it easy for you.
Sign up 100 patients and want to make a change?
Not a problem! We don’t lock you into our software like other membership software. We set our system up to easily transfer patient data out of our platform into a PCI compatible platform of your choosing.